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Eagle-ES International

Eagle-Remediation Soil and Water™

Eagle-ES International BV is an importer for Europe and the Middle East of several innovative Bio Remediation and Bio-based cleaners that solve problems in the ground and in/on water with hydrocarbons in an effective and cost-effective way

All products in the Eagle-ES International B.V. range are:

  • certified global greenpH Neutral 
  • Non Toxic 
  • Harmless 
  • Non Corrosive 
  • Non Flammable 
  • Safe in using 
  • 100 % Biologic degradable 


Bio-Remediation is the process in which hazardous petrochemicals and toxic substances transform into non-toxic substances by the use of natural, safe micro- organisms. This process provides valuable nutrients used by both plants and trees.

The bacteria which have been developed for our products, "eat" literally the Hydrocarbons and convert it into H2O and CO2. The total degradation of hydrocarbons in the soil and/or groundwater is within 90-300 days. The process of decomposition of water on the surface will be faster because of the free space for the Bacteria to move in water.

The process of Bio-Remediation is listed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as innovative and safe technology. All our products carry the "Certificate of Global Green" We have EU approval on all our products: EU regulation of RTD. Our product has an unique exemption and is allowed to use directly on the surface of water. Approval is granted by Ministry of Mining in the Netherlands. On our customers request develop a custom produced order and delivery!

Eagle-ES International BV and Eagle-ES Gulf FZE provides products to achieve savings in expenses of the Environmental costs before, during and after production!

Eagle ES International B.V. decontamination products are easy to apply, and are activated by addition of water. Once activated, it digests all hydrocarbons. The residues consist of water (H2O) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The process is not only completely organic and environmentally friendly, but is also more economical than other current used methods!



Accident Treatment


Ex-Situ Projects



Process Technology /  Water treatment


In-Situ Projects

Eagle ES International

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Eagle ES International


Productcode  Productname  Packaging Number per packaging  Developed for: 
70025  Dry Remediact ™ Bucket of 15Kg  1x 15Kg in Bucket  Ex-Situ 
70010  Liquid Remediact™  Can of 10 Liter  2x 10 Liter per Box  In & Ex-Situ 
70035  HC 200™  Can of 10 Liter  2x 10 Liter per Box  In & Ex-Situ(Water) 
70040  HC 300™  Can of 10 Liter  2x 10 Liter per Box  In & Ex-Situ(Soil)
70085  PAH-400™  Can of 10 Liter  2x 10 Liter per Box  In & Ex-Situ(PAKS) 
70200  OWS 200™  Can of 10 Liter  2x 10 Liter per Box  Surface of Water / OBA
70500  Fleetkleen™  Can of 10 Liter  2x 10 Liter per Box  Surface Cleaning



dry remediact  liquid remediact   HC-200  HC-300  PAH-400 OWS-200   Fleetkleen
 Dry Remediact Liquid Remediact HC-200   HC-300 PAH-400 OWS-200  Fleetkleen