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Eagle-ES International

About us

Eagle- ES was founded in 2010 in the Netherlands and now has branches in Netherlands, Germany and the United Arab Emirates

Eagle- ES chooses its markets carefully and logistical coverage able to offer its products worldwide. Our customers rate us as their "partner" because we work through joint efforts at sustainable cost-effective solutions, while keeping service and customer paramount .

Eagle- ES is primarily engaged in :

  • Oil & Gas
  • Steel Industry
  • Contractors and Engineering Companies
  • Chemical Industry
  • Ports
  • Shipping Industry
  • Automotive
  • Emergencies services
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Civil Defense

Mission Statement

Eagle-ES International support Companies on Environment and Safety and translate more tightening regulations raised by Governments into solutions with innovative products and services.

Eagle-ES is convinced that environment and safety does not necessarily constitute an increase in costs for business but with the right education cost reduction can be realized.

Eagle-ES sees it as its task to convince Companies, Government and Consumers.


In our future economy, innovation, environment and safety play more a sustainable role of importance, environment and prosperity have been forced to attain more in balance by realization of authorities, companies and consumers. Optimize use of raw materials fulfills in this topic a
key role as well as development of products and services with a green character

Eagle-ES has production sites that supply their Sales Offices with products and will guarantee a consistent quality to her Customers

Knowledge and awareness contribute to the daily safety in- and around the workplace.
Eagle-ES has developed a number of training courses that enhance the security of businesses
and prevent high labor costs by minimizing risk of absence due to accidents.

Eagle ES International

Naam:Eagle ES International

Adres:Winthontlaan 196
 3526 KV Utrecht

Mobile: +31 (06) - 46 322 992
Mobile Dubai: +971 (0)56 - 148 28 66
Fax: +31 (0)30 - 289 38 60

E-mail: info@eagle-es.com

Eagle ES International